Mid Week Subsector Performance Update, October 2, 2013 
The impact of the government shutdown has so far had little impact on subsector preferences, with the market seemingly as blase as the political protagonists.

In particular the failure of Noncyclicals Household Nondurables - notwithstanding the warning in Unilever - and Food & Beverage to see some relative strength in this environment is surprising, but potentially indicative that the process of capitulation may be unfolding.

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Mid Week Subsector Performance Update July 10, 2013 
Short term leadership themes are somewhat mixed with an assortment of some of the most oversold groups recently as well as Defensive areas and especially Utilities leading on the upside, despite fellow interest rate sensitives in Telecoms being prominent amongst downside leaders.

Financials are also fairly well represented amongst the downside groups following on the heels of the parent sector having set a +2yr relative strength high earlier in the week, but the the Non-US peer group is on the cusp of entering a confirmed relative strength downtrend, in a potentially significant development since this group led the US by several months coming out of the fall 2011 multiyear lows versus the bread market.

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Mid Week Subsector Performance Update June 26, 2013 
The rally on the week remains intact with the broad market rebounding strongly from last week's punishing declines. However, sector rotation patterns are sounding a somewhat cautionary note, with predominantly defensive groups leading the short term rankings, while Basic Resources dominate on the downside with predominantly Tech and Financials occupying the spots just above the bottom 10 subsectors.

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