Introducing the MarketScalpel US Sector Rotation Model Portfolio 
With 2014 almost upon us, we are pleased to introduce a new research service based on a sector rotation model portfolio invested in ETF proxies.

This new service is to a certain extent a departure from our existing focus based more on identifying out- and underperforming groups at the subsector and industry group levels.

However, at the same time it is a natural extension of our existing sector research and calls, and will serve to bring a significantly greater focus on the potential returns in a format intended to cater to the needs of a growing segment on the investment community seeking to employ a low cost sector rotation strategy.

Best wishes for a prosperous 2014 from the MarketScalpel Team!

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MarketScalpel Website & Technology Changes, Fall 2013 
Over the past week or so we have made some significant changes to the MarketScalpel public and client websites.

These changes have essentially involved moving to alternative website technologies offering significantly greater flexibility.

In the first instance the objective has been the wholesale replacement of current systems together with a general makeover, but in future these changes pave the way for the roll out new features and services with various benefits, including significantly enhanced database integration.

We look forward to announcing the first of these new services around year-end.

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MarketScalpel Blog 
Welcome to the MarketScalpel Blog!

Better late than never, we are starting several initiatives to distribute out research services more widely via this blog, Twitter, etc..

The mainstay of our sector focused research will remain reserved for clients, but we will aim to share more widely some of the other interesting information derived from our market analysis; Total market commentary and internals, stock movers, asset allocation, and so on.

As always we welcome feedback, and if you have any comments please contact us using the various tools available.

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